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Why would you need an online word counter?

An online word counter is a Perfect tool for People That need to count Unique Characters and Words but do not use Microsoft Word. You will understand the importance of a word counter online if you can think or have ever been through the stress of counting words manually. It will not only take your time and energy, but you may not be completely accurate.

Asides from the word count, the tool provides the best way to determine your sentences, paragraphs, pages, and your reading time. The tool saves you from much stress and is very easy to use.

What can you use word counter to count?

There are a couple of things to use the word counting tools for; when using the tool, you have the option to do PDF word count, word count on pages, word counter, word counter Docx, or word counter word documents.

Why is word count essential?

Whether used for websites, blogs, e-books, or corporate documents, several types of writing require a certain number of words. Some programs restrict the number of letters or words which may be utilized, like google AdWords search advertisements or Facebook banner advertisements.

The social media platform is designed to be easy to read and fast to use. Each platform has its Group of visible characters that can be Printed. Therefore, it is essential to understand a social media platform's character count, especially if you are into digital marketing or social media management.

When creating or managing social media content, it can help you know the exact limits of the characters on the platform you are using.

Why use the word counter tool to determine the number of characters and words?

If you frequently use Microsoft apps, you would understand a feature you can use to count words and characters. Also, Google Docs feature a word counter to identify several characters.

Even though popular software such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs has its integrated word counter, using an online tool like Word Counter has a significant advantage.

When using the word Counter Tool, you are not limited to a specific file format. Instead, you can copy and paste any text type to know the number of words or characters. You can know the number of words in Microsoft Word files, Microsoft Excel sheet, Google Docs files, academic essay in the Word Counter Tool, Google Ads search ads, Instagram caption, Facebook post, and many more.

Who should use the word counter?

If you have ever wondered how to analyze count words or characters in a PDF magazine or Word Doc, or how many words or characters are in a particular paragraph or book, our tool is just what you need.

SEO and content writing

Also, it is beneficial for SEO professionals and content writers because the tool enables them to understand the predefined word limit. You may be writing articles for others where word count is essential, but even if it is your website or blog, this tool is excellent for your SEO. We can optimize a minimum number of words and characters before content; our tool will help you know that.


This type of need can occur when someone is in academia and has to write a research thesis, articles, journals, and assignments. As a student, you will usually be asked to do homework with a certain number of words. On the other hand, this tool will enable lecturers to ensure that the length of the student's work is correct.


You might need to write pieces with a specific word count, for instance: Lawyers with legal proceedings, media articles, and adverts columns

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How many sentences should be in a paragraph?
There are many views concerning this question? Some people have argued 5 or 6, while some mentioned eight. It is important to note that a paragraph may contain a sentence or might be up to eight. Generally, you can aim for five sentences. But it can further increase if you still need to add more sentences on the same idea.
How many words in a page?
It's solely dependent on the instructions or rule given. The general rule for all assignments and most writings is 1-inch margin, 12-point, Times New Roman font, and minimum spacing.
According to these parameters, there will be 500 words on a page with single spacing and 250 words on a double-spacing page.
What is the average reading time per page?
In non-technical materials, the average reading speed is 200 to 250 words per minute, about 2 minutes for a page. If you are unsure about this, please check the reading for a page on this website.
How many pages are 1000 words?
The most known format required for papers is double space, Times New Roman font type, and 12pt font size. With this in mind, typing 1,000 words are equivalent to about four pages. The average person types 40 words in a minute. Therefore it takes about 30 minutes to write 1,000 words.
How many words or characters in a page with single-spacing?
The average one-spaced page usually contains about 3000 characters or 500 words.
On average, a single-spaced page will typically contain around 3000 characters or 500 words. You can use the word counter tool above for further confirmations.